YMA is tough work, recently we had to step back somewhat because it was exhausting and we were going downhill faster than a Skier but YMA is what we do best and so as many times we hop off the saddle, we’re back on it.

It’s true that doing YMA makes us uncomfortable at times, we watch those who are under 18 being praised for their looks and not their music and such talk bothers us because those who are over 18 should not do that because it breeds creepiness and no young person needs a bunch of people drooling over their music videos.

Our core belief is never talk about the beauty of those we write or video, it’s much more comfortable and pleasant to do that because the voice of a person is the best thing in the world and the voices of many will carry them to many places in the future.

We’re all about the artists, we’re just fans (not supporters) plain and simple because we love seeing people create and going into the world and saying ‘Here I am, what do you think about what I got?’.

So the first step in turning the lights back on at YMA HQ is to start making videos and so we have here a video we found still on the video camera from last year in which music is discussed as part of a trial for a new YMA series, it’s sort of a personal video because romance was in the air in 2015 and unfortunately it died a nasty death and this video was made during the good times but the video is released because of the content, it is short but informative and that’s what ensured it didn’t deserve to be buried.

If this video is well received then we’ll try make our first episode in two years, there is some volunteers for such an attempt and we figure that two music videos will make up the show and we continue from there, there’s no telling if episodes can still be pulled off because there’s presentation, nerves, creativity to deal with and it does get stressful at times

So that’s the plan, let’s see what happens.