Karlyn (Karlijn) has released the music video to her new single ‘It’s Alright’ on YouTube and the response so far has been very positive.

The music video was made possible by the work of the below people as they have put together a very high quality music video that is the perfect accompaniment to the music single.

Production Team:
Michael Stephens (cameraman)
Chris Tjong Ayong (cameraman, assistant and gaffer)
Rahim Goeloe (director and d.o.p)

Layla Malaihollo

Hair and Make-up by:
Indi Span

‘It’s Alright’ was written by The Companions who comprise of Stefan van Leijsen & Sasha Rangas and they have given Karlyn a song that can be played from Clubs to Homes and that is what people like to see, a song that has versatility in the world.

The music video was filmed at the Boutique Hotel Chambre Beau in Nijmegen and as you will see in the music video it is a very nice looking place that must be in the high star rating so for those going to Nijmegen may want to consider the Boutique Hotel Chambre Beau.

Fans of Karlyn will love the fact there is a new single out, people with other reasons may love this music video too and YMA likes that she keeps on making music videos that showcase her singing ability.

YMA will continue to report on Karlyn’s music news as it comes to hand.