Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s original composition ‘Just Smile’ has continued to do well on YouTube, the music video currently sits on 74,269 views and should reach 75,000 at any time.

‘Just Smile’ has almost 30,000 more views than Cassidy’s next most viewed video, that video is a cover of One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down‘ which has a current total of 44,361 views.

Two of Cassidy’s originals ‘Be Strong‘ and ‘Perfectly Single’, are ninth and tenth on Cassidy’s most viewed music videos list with 17,486 and 9,367 views for the two videos.
There is no doubt that both videos will reach 20,000 and 10,000 views each in the near future before setting off for higher totals.

Cassidy’s popularity continues to grow around the world each day but it is something that is deserving for this hard working, charity giving singer-songwriter.