YMA from time to time checks out how people are going on ArtistSignal and so we have prepared this update for everyone to be informed on how their favourite(s) are going.

Ivana Raymonda is running 19th at this present time and can pass 18th if votes flow her way in the coming hours and days.
Brooke Falls is running 136th which is a drop on previous months but that can easily change for her.
Sammie Libman is running 170th, Sammie has been a Staff Pick many times but somehow doesn’t make the Top 100
Melissa Sings is running in 180th position at this present time and should climb up a bit more.
Aria Taylor is running in 272nd place and can like the rest climb higher.
Aditi Iyer is running in 417th position and can crack the Top 400.
Kaitlyn Thomas is running in 477th place which is unusually low based on her talent.
Lexi Finnin is running 598th having just cracked the Top 600 and can go further than that.

Readers are reminded you can sign up to ArtistSignal using Facebook account and each person can be voted on once every hour so if you vote for example Lexi at 10:30am you vote for her again from 11:30am and if you voted for Kaitlyn at 9:31am you can vote for her again from 10:31am.

YMA will continue to report on everyone’s progress as it happens.