In the late hours of yesterday, Siobhan Cotchin released a new original composition to her fans on YouTube.

This new composition is titled ‘It’s a Lesson Learned’ and in Siobhan’s own words it is a song ‘to let you know that you should NEVER let your mistakes define you. Consider them as lessons.’

These words are true, we all make mistakes every day and we strive to clean up or rectify our mistakes (unless they are unforgivable ones) and keep going on with life.

Siobhan is doing great so far in 2016 with her previous two releases both receiving 150+ views and there is no reason why this new release won’t have the same amount or better.

Video and sound quality is excellent with Siobhan and the background easy to see and easier to hear ensuring the best possible experience for fans and the generally curious.

YMA will continue to report on Siobhan’s music news as it comes to hand.