It has been a big week for Mary Desmond as she has released not one by two music videos onto YouTube.

The first one was a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ and as one would expect from Mary it is a well made music video with excellent video and sound quality.

The second and most recent music video is an original and it is titled ‘Kiss You’ and just like ‘I’m Not The Only One’ it is made with excellent video and sound quality but it’s crown jewels are the facts it is an original composition that is worthy of a watch and listen to those who seek out originals and it is also a song that shows Mary in great singing form.

In further news, Mary will be seen on American Idol, how far will she go in the competition is the big question but regardless of where she ends up, she is already a success to thousands of people.

YMA will continue to report on Mary’s music news as it comes to hand.