Two years ago today, Youth Music Alive came to life and has grown ever since.

Our Facebook group has 542 members and our Facebook Page has 177 likes, our YouTube channel has been quiet for some time but that has been from a lack of time and not from a lack of ambition and change is always looked at.

Our Twitter account has been busy over the last two years and at times it is hard to keep up with the pace of music releases but we’ve managed to make over 3,000 tweets and over 1,000 likes of other posts.

So what will this next year bring us? Lots and lots of article posts on the site and lots of tweets, likes and re-tweets on Twitter for starters and from there who knows what will happen because life plays snakes and ladders with us all and you never know what comes next but below is some Q&A’s that may bring some insight;

Will there be new YMA episodes? If people demand it then sure we’ll make it.
Will there be an awards show? It’s always looked at and it is fun to make but got to find the right aims and balance.
Will the Facebook page and group has 1000 members and 1000 likes? Hopefully someday, we’re certainly trying.
Will YMA make it to a third year? Don’t see why not at this stage.

Remember music makers and music lovers, we serve those under 26 years old and there is no restriction on gender or where a person is from so come say hello to us, show people your music and keep on going from there, what you do with your music is  entirely up to you.

To finish up, Thank you to everyone for reading the 879 (including this one) articles we have written, without you the reader and the musicians we would be absolutely nothing so thank you for being here and doing what you do every day, we are humbled to be part of your lives and hopefully we can stay in your lives for some time to come.

Below is our first episode in all it’s glory, enjoy this day and every day.