Celeste Kellogg’s fundraiser for her EP and music video for ‘You & Me’ has passed the 20% mark.

45 fans have donated a total of $3,246 making the fundraiser now 21.64% of the way through to the goal of $15,000, all donations are rewarded with perks with every donor giving from the $5 minimum donation gets something in return which makes the fundraising process fun for all.

When you divide the $3,246 up between the 45 fans who have donated, the average amount per person comes to $72.13 per person and there is no doubt at all that Celeste is very grateful and humbled by these contributions by all donors.

Donations have been coming in spurts and YMA projects that another surge will be happening in the near future, to check out how the EP + video fundraiser is going or if you are interested in donating to the fundraiser, visit the fundraising page here.

YMA will continue to report on the