Today is Christmas Day, a day where gifts are given, religious practices are enacted and so much more.

This post is a reflection on this year and it may be rambling at times but that’s what happens when you look at over 300 days of material.

We’ve done a lot this year and this post may be responsible for us reaching 15,000 website hits over 2014/15 and while we may not reach last years figures, there is a feeling that we have achieved a heck of a lot more this year than last year and that is very satisfying results wise.

We’ve seen so many people grow, we’ve seen them learn, we’ve seen them adapt, we’ve seen them amaze, we’ve seen them become idols to people and hopefully we do every day encourages readers to read what we write and make them love those they musically love that little bit more then it is a job complete.

This year we’ve been doing our best put more coverage on the male side of things, youth music supporters look to the female side too often which is not hard to do because males are harder to find, maybe YouTube is daunting to perform on for fellas or they are buried in the sea of millions of performers but we’re finding them and we’re pleased we’re finding them.

Aydan, Tyler, Sean, Adrien & Andre, Cameron and Dylan are some of those we’ve reported about this year and we hope to do the same in 2016, there is no doubt great music will be coming from them and more in 2016.

On the ladies side there’s the likes of Cassidy, Kaitlyn, Ivana, Celeste, Lish, Siobhan, Victoria, Mary, Erin & Amber, Alayna, Tessa, Lucia and so many more and we thank them all and the ones we haven’t mentioned for making great music and also many of them have done great things for their communities as well.

Performers keep on doing what you are doing, work hard but don’t be afraid to live too because youth only comes once so use every second of it and Fans keep on being fans, be supportive, be helpful, have enjoyment and lastly be respectful of those you are a fan of.

Enjoy this Christmas Day and enjoy every day just the same.