Ivana this week launched her latest music video ‘Christmas Wish’, the response from fans has been really positive as the video has received just over 7,000 views at this time of writing and 185 thumbs up ratings.

The good news continues as Ivana’s original composition ‘Angel’ recently passed the 100,000 view milestone on YouTube, while several other recent videos have also done well ensuring that 2015 will end with Ivana on a roll and there are high hopes that will continue into next year.

Ivana is now aiming for a Top 20 finish on ArtistSignal as she is currently in 21st position, Ivana is 375 votes behind 20th position but was at one stage over 400 votes behind and at the current rate is expected to catch 20th before the month ends and the voting resets.

It is all but certain that Ivana’s cover of ‘Hello’ will win the musicmeetsvideo.com ‘Smash Hits Series V.2’ contest as she has an 11,000+ vote lead over 2nd place who is NINA with her cover of ‘Hello’.

The ‘Ivana Fan Club’ recently celebrated receiving 100 likes and hopes that the new year will lead to opportunity to expand that total, the fan club is dedicated to posting facts and figures on Ivana’s videos and voting campaigns but will be expanding to other areas.

YMA will continue to report on Ivana’s music news as it comes to hand.