The Euphoric’s Cayenne & Ginger recently performed a cover of Josh Groban’s ‘Believe’ at their church Christmas party and the duo have performed it once again for their fans and the generally curious to see and hear.

It has been four months since Cayenne & Ginger last released a music video together with ‘Mind Over Matter‘ being released in July this year but fans have not missed out on hearing the two as The Euphorics have been releasing a steady amount of music in that time.

Fans of Cayenne & Ginger will be happy with this release, the two are sounding in really great form and this video is presented in excellent video and sound as evidenced by the the picture and the items in the background being so easily seen.

There is no doubt this cover can easily make anyone’s Christmas video playlist and with so many excellent videos made this festive season promises to be filled with high quality videos for all to enjoy.

YMA will continue to report on Cayenne & Ginger’s music news as it comes to hand.