The three year wait is over for Tyler Wilford and his fans for ‘Live Again’ is now available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon as well as viewing on YouTube.

Fans looking for the song can click on the links above and share them with friends, Tyler’s debut single is under ‘Awaking Tyler’ so advise those looking for it not to search for Tyler Wilford or all you get is the YTT EP’s which is also a good idea to buy on the side.

YMA viewed the music video to ‘Live Again’ on Vimeo in the early hours of this morning and it was everything that we had anticipated the song was going to be like, it has Tyler’s trademark sound that you’ve heard in his videos over the years and it has the rock element as well that should please Tyler’s fans and those looking for such a sound.

Today and the next couple of days will be very important days for Tyler’s music career, it is vital for Tyler’s fans to share the news of the single’s release and share the music video as well

YMA will continue to report on Tyler’s music news as it comes to hand.