Aria Taylor is back in the studio recording songs that we will no doubt be hearing plenty about in 2016.

It’s been a good year for Aria with two music video/music single releases in ‘Starting Over’ and ‘The Winning Hand’ with both having a combined total of 12,205 views and a combined total of 143 Thumbs Up ratings.

‘Starting Over’ is the highest of the two videos with 6,444 views with ‘The Winning Hand’ just a couple of hundred behind with 5,761 views.

With 19 days to go in the year it is not outside the realm of possibility that ‘The Winning Hand’ can make it to 6,000 views before the year is out particularly if Aria’s many fans each watch it once before now and 11:59:59pm on December 31.

YMA will continue to report on Aria’s music news as it comes to hand.