YMA today update readers on how Celeste Kellogg is going with her EP ‘You & Me’.

Celeste has been working on the EP and has uploaded onto YouTube a behind the scenes video for her fans and the generally curious to see how it is progressing.

The fundraising efforts for ‘You & Me’ is going well with the EP almost 20% of the way to it’s target, the total presently stands at $2,781 with 35 people making up that total and when averaged out the total is rounded out to $79.45 per person which shows the already well known great dedication of Celeste’s fans.

Fans and the generally curious can check out Celeste’s fundraising page here.

Outside of ‘You & Me’, Celeste’s ‘This Is How We Roll‘ cover got to #3 on the Beat100 world charts during it’s eligible period to chase down the number one spot, it also won seven awards and the video will be published to the world’s press as well as being sent out to the music industry.

YMA will continue to report on the EP’s progress as it comes to hand.