Kaitlyn Thomas’s grip on #1 on the Beat100 charts remains firm as she has a 197 vote lead over second place MayRa and her song ‘Runaway’ and has an excellent chance of holding on to the spot until being ineligible after a month online.

It has been a great December for Kaitlyn for as she not only scored a Beat100 #1 but several top ten finishes in the Australian Songwriting Association and even was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest.

Youth category

4th – Is This Real
8th – Deadly Storm

Contemporary Pop category

6th – Is This Real

Rock Indy category

5th -Is This Real

So what is next this month for Kaitlyn? Perhaps winning ArtistSignal is an option? With over 3,000 likes on her Facebook page it is a possibility enough could vote to ensure success, fans are reminded that votes can be lodged once every hour and it resets every month so there is always hope of getting to the top, votes can be made here.

YMA will continue to report on Kaitlyn’s music news as it comes to hand.