December 12 is going to be a very important day in the life of Tyler Wilford as the popular member of YTT 2012 will be launching his debut single on this date.

‘Live Again’ is the name of the song and it has taken quite some time to get from concept to being on a record but the wait has been worth it as it has been seen by many in status reports and behind the scenes pictures that Tyler has thrown every bit of his heart and soul and every bit of his talent into this single.

If you need any further incentive to be interested in ‘Live Again’, take a look at ‘Why You Had To Change’ for this song was co-written by Tyler and will give you great insight into Tyler’s writing and singing ability and remember that it was two years ago so development would be even further along, ‘Why You Had To Change’ can be see at this bottom of this story.

For this single to get it’s best shot of getting attention it needs the support of fans as well as those celebrities who were part of YTT back in 2012, three important questions would have to be raised and YMA believes it has answers to all three.

Will the host and judges of YTT back in 2012 give the single and music video support? Possible but don’t expect it
Will Tyler’s YTT team members support the single and music video and push it along? Absolutely would
Will Tyler’s fans gathered from 2012 onwards push the single and music video along? No Doubt

Stay tuned for December 12 as YMA reports on ‘Live Again’ as well as further news from Tyler.