Tessa Mouzourakis’s ‘Autumn Acoustic Series’ ended yesterday with a rendition of her original composition ‘The Piano Song’.

‘The Piano Song’ is the third and last entry of the series with ‘The Climb‘ and original composition ‘One Night‘ being the other two in the series.

‘The Climb’ and ‘One Night’ have a combined total of 321 views for an average of 160.50 views per video, YMA hopes that Tessa’s fans and the generally curious will flock to see ‘The Piano Song’ and close out the ‘Autumn Acoustic Series’ with a satisfying conclusion.

As usual the audio and visual quality of this new music video is excellent and Tessa once again explains the inspiration behind the song which is always good to know about as it is always good to know what a song means after hearing about about so many song by bands getting their songs meanings wrong.

YMA will continue to report on Tessa’s music news as it happens.