Erica Mourad of the band ‘The Euphorics’ late last week released on YouTube her version of Adele’s ‘Hello’.

The music video is presented in monochrome with fantastic video quality while the sound quality is also fantastic with it coming through the speakers nice and clearly.
Those familiar with Erica’s vocal prowess will be most satisfied with this performance while those unfamiliar with Erica’s singing may find her to be a person worthy of being a fan of.

It has been a great last week for Erica as The Euphorics have topped YMA’s most read story list for most of the past week and also sit in YMA’s Top 5 all time most read stories, both of those facts show that their fans are very appreciative of everything that comes from the band and it’s members and YMA hopes it continues to happen for them for quite some time into the future.

Furthermore, Erica’s Facebook page (musician page not personal page) has made it into four figures with the like total currently sitting on 1,001 likes and so YMA congratulates her on this achievement.

YMA will continue to report on Erica’s music news as it comes to hand.