In the early hours of this morning (Australian time), Maggie Baugh released on YouTube a cover of Old Dominion’s ‘Break Up With Him’.

‘Break Up With Him’ was the choice of song between it and ‘Girl Crush’ and YMA believes it was the best choice out of the two for it is reasonably fresh and everyone is not yet scrambling to release their own cover though the word is that will soon change.

Audio and visual quality of the video is excellent so viewers should get the best possible experience from the video, Maggie puts in a great performance and the pleasing thing is that it’s a live recording which really shows what she can do and at the end she appears pleased with the end result and it is justified.

Maggie is doing really well, her original composition ‘Midnight Muddin‘ has over 22,000 views on YouTube, her Facebook page has just over 15,000 likes and her latest album ‘Heck of a Story‘ is now available to buy in both digital and physical format (CD).

Maggie says on her website that the last two years have been one heck of a story, when this writer thinks back two years ago we weren’t here (was as ATS) and Maggie was starting to get attention with an album called ‘Only Good Things’, it certain has been one heck of a story and at least for Maggie there’s lots more story for her to write.