Brittany Leo performed recently at the Dandenong Show and has tonight uploaded to YouTube one of the songs she performed there.

The song of choice is Years and Years’s ‘King’ and Brittany as usual puts in another strong live performance that is becoming routine for Brittany to do time and time again.

The audio and visual quality of this video is excellent allowing viewers to get the best possible experience as Brittany is easy to hear and is also easy to see on screen as she’s front and centre of the camera’s attention, people who went to the show no doubt got to see great live entertainment, entertainment that possibly even rivaled all the other things that the show had to offer like rides and show bags.

It has continued to be a busy time for Brittany as she does TV and Radio every week but she has still found time to perform live and release a steady amount of videos, just two days ago Brittany released a live version of her original composition LOUD one that fans will no doubt also enjoy as much as seeing her version of ‘Years and Years’.

YMA will continue to report on Brittany’s music news as it comes to hand.