It is amazing to think that before last week there was a six month gap between music videos by Lauren McLamb but it is true and now Lauren’s fans have the opportunity to enjoy her take on Adele’s ‘Hello’.

Lauren writes in her video description that everyone covered Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ many years ago and people will now cover ‘Hello’, Lauren also stated that she jumped aboard the train and YMA can see that it has been a good decision in the eyes of her fans with 25 thumbs up ratings in three days.

Fans and the generally curious will be satisfied with the audio and visual quality of the video whilst the major part of the video which is the singing will be enjoyed for Lauren delivers another excellent performance and one that will be held in high regard just like her previous six consecutive 1,000+ view videos, a total that includes two smash 100,000+ view videos.

YMA will continue to report on Lauren’s music news as it comes to hand.