Tara Favell late last week reported that she went ‘back to basics’ and delivered fans an acoustic cover of One Direction’s ‘Perfect’.

Fans may be a little puzzled as to what ‘back to basics’ means as all of her recent videos have been acoustic covers but the secret is in the sound as this performance is done without any sound boosting or other production methods giving it that completely raw and talent measuring sound.

It is pleasing to say that the raw sound confirms that Tara is one excellent singer and perhaps should present more songs in their raw format as it is pleasing to see such a fine talent in her natural element.

Including ‘Perfect’, Tara’s last five videos have a combined total of 3,596 views at an average of 719.20 views per video which is quite a solid result which should increase over the coming days due to ‘Perfect’ so far having been out for only a short amount of time.

YMA will continue to report on Tara’s music as further music news comes to hand.