What has YMA been up to in recent times? The short answer is being very busy but the long answer may please you.

First things first, YMA HQ has been reoccupied after a year, unfortunately many of the places ATS/YMA episodes were filmed were left in not so great shape by Tenants and Real Estate Agents who failed to maintain the property whilst home was empty but we’ll bounce back and have shows going in no time.

Over the years we’ve run or are are currently running Aussie Talent Showcase, YTT Fan Central, YTT Fan News, Enterprise News Today, our new addition Ivana Fan Club and of course Youth Music Alive, We’ve recently updated YTT Fan News after it’s been quiet for some time and for those who do not know what YTT is it stands for Young Talent Time a show that was on Australian TV between 1971-1988 and 2012.

YTT Fan News aim is to keep track of how those who were on the show are going as they make great careers for themselves, it is tough work but it’s good to keep the people informed.

Enterprise News Today is all about Star Trek: Enterprise and it pretty much dates back to pre ATS times and after four or so years it was time to start the Twitter account again and get things going again.

Ivana Fan Club, We took on the responsibility of creating for Ivana a Fan Club to take the pressure off her as she juggles music making and music promoting, it’s had a great start and we’ve confident that it will grow in time.
We’ve learned a lot about fan devotion and we have to say how many of you handle it so easily is amazing for some supporters are just over the top and the rest of the big fans can be scary.

As well as all that, We proud fans of the Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club and we want to see them in top competition again and so we created a petition and so we ask our Basketball loving supporters to please, please, please take 30 seconds of your time sign it and perhaps find other fans to do the same.

So if we are quiet at times please rest assured that you aren’t being snobbed or forgotten for we are just somewhere else helping somebody else and we’ll be with you as soon as we can and hopefully we can do something good for you like we’ve hopefully done over the years.

Thank you for keeping up with us, we hope it was better than that keeping up with (the you know who family) TV show.