Aydan Calafiore’s cover of David Guetta’s ‘Dangerous’ is now available to view on YouTube.

This cover was filmed, directed and edited by Noel Maitland with Steve Bensusen co-directing as well as well as being producer and arranger and Claudio Cueni was responsible for mixing.

‘Dangerous’ is off to a great start with 456 views and 64 thumbs up and this number is expected to increase rapidly in the coming days as Aydan’s famous legion of fans who are named ‘Aydanators’ spring into action.

Fans who watched Aydan on Young Talent Time are being urged by fellow fans to sign the petition to get Channel Ten to make a 45th anniversary special of the show, Young Talent Time premiered in April 1971 before ending in 1988, returning on video in 1990 and then for one season which featured Aydan and nine others in 2012, fans can visit and sign the petition here.