Fans of Alexa Heller know her story, she had a hip injury that put a giant mountain in front of her dancing career, she was then found to have a brain blood vessel abnormality that required surgery which was a hard hit to her on many levels but then through the downsides she met Justin Timberlake who inspired her to become who she is today, a world class singer with many interests in the world from healthy eating to healthy exercise.

There is now a petition on to get the attention of Justin Timberlake but not for a casual meeting but as someone who may want to work with Alexa based on ability or perhaps even sign Alexa up to his music industry interests which would be an amazing but fitting outcome.

For those who want to sign the petition can do so by clicking here and who knows what could happen, the world is full of wonder and you never know what the 30 seconds of your time could do.

YMA will continue to inform readers on Alexa’s music news as it happens.