Trouble with StageIt followed by voice trouble forced Alexa from cutting short her planned performance.

Alexa was planning to perform in the heart in NYC which would of given her a very wide audience but StageIt crashed the party by not operating, fans were being told to go to Twitter app Periscope before the show was cancelled.

There was some confusion from fans on StageIt over what Periscope is and where it can be found, Periscope is a Twitter using app that can be found at or by going to the Apple or Andorid store, Apple users will find the app only if they set their search in the App Store to ‘iPhone Only’ even if they are using a iPad.

Alexa has set a new show for next week with fans able t to pay as much as they like while ticket givers will have to pay regular price in order to give those who cannot afford it or have Credit Cards or Paypal the ability to attend.

YMA wishes Alexa a speedy recovery and will report on further news as it comes to hand.