Community TV can be an excellent avenue for those who are looking to make their musical debut or consolidate their career on Television and Melbourne C31 is provides one of those avenues.

Melbourne C31 has the perfect program for music fans with ‘1700’, ‘1700’ presents viewers with music either by showing it live or in music videos every weekday between 5pm and 6pm.

Thanks to YMA’s friend Brittany Leo, YMA has learned that the best way to get onto ‘1700’ is by presenting your music directly to ‘1700’, ‘1700’ can be contacted by emailing Aiden Parlby or by messaging ‘1700’ on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

There’s no guarentee that ‘1700’ will reply positively but shows like ‘1700’ are something rare as they offer those trying to make their way in the music business an opportunity to be seen by those who tune in to C31 and who knows what can happen after that for C31 has been the launchpad for several Australian stars.

YMA recommends that those who want to try give it a try for there is no harm in trying something when you want to get somewhere.