Aria Taylor has done solidly in the last couple of months on YouTube with latest figures showing milestones either being on the cusp of reaching or have just been passed.

Aria’s most recent release ‘The Winning Hand’ is on the verge of passing the 5,000 view milestone whilst ‘Summers Coming’ has recently passed the 7,000 view milestone and is gaining on the total currently made by ‘I Really Want You’.

The Winning Hand – 4,977 views
Best Mistake – 876 views
Summers Coming – 7,024 views
I Really Want You – 7,397 views
Friday Feeling – 16,548 views

The last five videos have a combined total of 36,822 views at an average of 7,364.4 views per video, with Aria having a crack at X Factor Australia these numbers may rapidly climb particularly if she has a successful run on the show.

YMA will continue to report on Aria’s music news as it comes to hand.