In the last few days, YMA has been thinking about artists trying to make their way to the top.

It is pleasing to see many young artists having jobs or furthering their education whilst they look for the next show to play or that so far elusive steady recording contract, a performer must never go all music or nothing because you need money to keep your career going along and you’ll have to play everywhere or demand high fees to get somewhere.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been watching Alexa Heller in action on StageIt and her online shows are ticketed at a fair $6 USD for a half hour show (not counting encore) which means she’ll pull in $120 before tips if the online capacity filled at say 20 people, if a person earns around $750 a week (Australian figures) before taxes that means six shows will have to be fully occupied and one quarter filled to make a good wage.

Six and a half shows equals three and a half hours which may not seem too big of a task but we all know that finding six and a half full audience members is no easy task but if a person strikes the right balance of technology and human curiosity the chances of success should increase.

Of course there is no 100% certain pathway to success but having a job and a music career (or school and music) until the music career really gets swinging would be the wisest pathway choice of all.