Brittany Leo’s continued rise through the Australian state of Victoria with the popular performer now being seen once a week on ‘1700’ which airs at 5pm weekdays (repeated at 4am) on Melbourne’s C31.

Brittany co-hosts every Wednesday while being part of the crew on Thursdays giving her an excellent education on the world of Television, there is no doubt that being part of Television is exciting and Brittany will learn lots from the experience.

C31 (remembered by many as Channel 31) is a community station that has been renowned for being the launchpad of Network TV stars, a platform for local TV shows, late night hours of Fishcam including the infamous dead fish incident where a dead fish was floating around for early morning viewers and classic cartoons.

C31 broadcasts around Melbourne and Geelong but thanks to Channel 31’s excellent website fans of Brittany can catch up on past episodes of the show by visiting the 1700 page here or to see her most recent appearance click here.

YMA is pleased to see Channel 31 giving people a go whether it is hosting, production crew or being the musical focus of the program, every episode provides a great service to the community and to the world at large.