YMA today witnessed online the good and the bad in fandom as Alexa took to the stage to perform in front of a large crowd at the Barn & Bail Theatre.

Alexa’s fans who couldn’t make it in person watched the show on StageIt and it wasn’t long before discontent started to creep in on StageIt as Alexa was deemed to not to have been paying attention to those online.

Comments like ‘I Feel Forgotten’ and ‘I think as her loyal fans we should get the most attention’ as well as general questions to why Alexa wasn’t answering were flying around while several fans were left embarrassed by the comments for they understood that Alexa was performing for the people at the Barn & Bail Theatre and the people on StageIt.

It was selfish behavior by those unruly fans for Alexa could not possibly be expected to perform on stage and answer StageIt comments at the same time, even if the questions were answered after a song it would of been disrespectful to those at the venue who would of had to sit and wait for Alexa to finish answering before continuing her performance.

Alexa also could not possibly see the comments on StageIt from her performing position, the text on StageIt is really small and Alexa would of had to be the real life version of Supergirl to be able to see the text from so far away but as mentioned in the previous paragraph nothing could of been done about it because she was live in front of an audience at the Theatre.

Despite this deplorable online behavior, the show at the Barn & Bail Theater was worth every cent of admission as Alexa was well received by those in attendance as she showed fans and the generally curious every bit of talent that she has got and YMA hopes that those who are looking to book talent around New York will be interested in booking Alexa for more shows in the future.