Today was the first time in a while that YMA has been able to check in on Alexa as she performs her now fortnightly show on StageIt.

Alexa’s journey to today’s show was difficult as a computer problem threatened to put a stop to all plans but thanks to the men and women at Apple, Alexa got her computer going and she was back in action in time for the show.

The downside of the computer repair is that it cost money and just like many people trying to make their way in music it really hurt financially but Alexa will bounce back thanks to the generosity of her fans and the abundance of her abilities to make good music.

Alexa performed a variety of songs from originals to covers from Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, all songs were performed in acapella with Alexa flexing her singing muscles in a show of vocal strength and clarity impressing those who were in attendance today.

Ticket sales were down on previous shows but YMA believes it is not because of Alexa fatigue but because people were just busy at show time and the next show on July 13 will promises to be different for it will be a spectacular show as well as being the launch of the ’13 Waves for Hope’ initiative which is for brain surgery patients around the world.