There is no doubt now that Aydan’s music career is in full swing with the release of a teaser of his upcoming cover ‘Jealous’.

‘Jealous’ will be Aydan’s fourth music video in five months and this is pleasing Aydan’s legion of fans known as ‘Aydanators’ who have stuck by Aydan since his world debut on YTT in 2012.

Aydan’s last three music videos currently have a combined viewing total of 74,325 and a total average of  24,775 views per video and YMA believes that ‘Jealous’ will keep Aydan’s momentum going forward into the future.

Readers can view the teaser to ‘Jealous’ below and fans have been encouraged to share the view and give their thoughts on the upcoming full release.

YMA will continue to report on Aydan’s music news as it comes to hand.