The members of We 3 & She have released over the last week an assortment of live recorded music videos for fans to enjoy.

Ginger pairs up with Jeremy to perform Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’, Erica teams up with sister Emily to perform Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Be My Forever’ and finally the band (minus Phoebe) come together to perform Taylor Swift’s ‘The Way I Loved You’.

The videos production stories are interesting for two of the videos were made in quick order with ‘Photograph’ being chosen based on how good it sounded during a muck around session while ‘Be My Forever’ was recorded in a one take effort.

Fans of the band plus the generally curious will not be disappointed in these three videos for the videos are sharp in quality and the performing is of high standard which has become normal for the band and it’s members.

YMA will continue to report on all the We 3 & She news as it comes to hand.