Karoline Rhett has released the final production to her original song ‘I’m The Melody’ on YouTube and has dedicated this song to all her Karoliners (loyal fans) and when you hear the words you can understand why.

Karoline’s video gets top marks for visual presentation and entertainment value and it also stands out musically because of the catchy sound which does get stuck in your head, it’s lovely knowing that her mum and dad are the special guest stars!

‘I’m The Melody’ is one of 10 songs from Karoline’s CD called ‘Melody’ that was released back in March 12th 2013 on iTunes and you can preview her other songs or just purchase it separately here.

YMA has listed and included all the necessary links to become a true Karoliner if you haven’t become one already!

Karoline’s Website

Karoline’s Twitter

Karoline’s Facebook