Kira Taylor last month appeared at the Florida Strawberry Festival and this week Kira has uploaded her entire performance in two parts on YouTube.

This two part presentation is the longest that we’ve seen from Kira and it gives viewers great insight into how Kira performs live and when she has the stage all to herself, included in this performance is a solo performance of Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’, Kira’s cover with HousePuzzle was a five figure hit on YouTube and so viewers will be interested to see how she does it solo.

The video and sound quality is excellent so fans will have no problem with either of these elements, the combined running time of the two parts is just over 21 minutes which is a nice, easy viewing time for those who can only squeeze in ten or so minutes of video viewing at a time.

Readers are reminded that they can contribute to Kira’s Indiegogo campaign to help her buy an Afflo Vest to better manage her Cystic Fibrosis, there is 54 days still remaining and with 2% funded it is hoped with your support the total will make it’s way up to enable Kira to have an even greater quality of life, visits and contributions to the campaign can be made here.

YMA will update readers on all the news on Kira as it comes to hand.