A sore throat threatened to derail Alexa’s show on StageIt today but Alexa battled through the discomfort to perform to a sold out audience.

Alexa performed a selection of originals and covers including her debut performance of The Veronica’s ‘Ruin Me’ which was well received by those in attendance and will no doubt be requested as a set list regular deep into the future.

Alexa was well tipped by her adoring fans and in turn Alexa was very appreciative for their support, Alexa was full of apologies for her voice although YMA believes that none was required for to perform a show with a sore throat was a show of devotion to her fans and a determination to fulfill the obligation to do a show for paying attendees despite the risks involved, YMA hopes that no further damage was inflicted during the show.

YMA wishes Alexa a quick and pain free recovery and will report on Alexa’s next show scheduled for next week.

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Set List for March 5
Up in the Air
Suit and Tie
Ruin Me
Teenage Dream
24 hours