After her StageIt sold out streak ended last week at twelve consecutive shows, A new era of sold shows began today when both the original allocation and special release tickets were snapped by eager fans.

It was a show of sharing and caring as the top three tippers each received a signed photograph, Alexa also talked to fans about her first live show for 2015 which is scheduled for February 27th in New York.

Alexa performed her usual array of originals and covers with this weeks newest addition being a cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ which was well received by her fans.

Alexa also discussed with fans what the fans and Alexa are grateful for, this is something truly special for it is not everyday a performer can ask and discuss in depth such important questions that matter to both performer and fans.

A new era has begun today for Alexa and YMA believes that it is one era that will continue deep into the future.

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Alexa’s Set list (February 26)

Saving All My Love For You
Love Me Harder


24 Hours