Congratulations to Ellie Occleston on another major success of her new cover song called ‘La Vie en Rose’ that was meant for Valentine’s Day but was only released yesterday on YouTube, it was delayed due to a sore throat and chest infection.

This music video has first class visual effects of a vintage movie camera in the forefront which shows Ellie singing in the background and then nicely switches to a classic “Audrey Hepburn” movie ‘Sabrina’ as Ellie is a huge fan of hers.

If you have been enjoying all of Ellie’s music and haven’t joined her Facebook fan page which is currently on 970 ‘Likes’.. just 30 fans away from the 1,000 ‘Likes’ milestone then you can join it here. 

Here at YMA we always look forward to Ellie’s music when her songs are posted in our group and is hoping that she is feeling much better now!