A couple of days ago, YMA chatted to Alexa about all sorts of things from weather to what to expect at her StageIt shows.

One topic was about what about doing good for the people for Alexa has a great interest in helping those young people who are in hospitals for long periods of time and so we used the example of Kira Taylor who as you all know has Cystic Fibrosis (click here to visit Kira’s Indiegogo page) but uses the majority of her time to raise awareness for the CF Foundation, finding out methods to ease CF while also working with Free2Luv to end bullying as well as other great initiatives for the benefit of others, Alexa had tweeted the following after reading what we had to say.


Alexa’s words reminds YMA of some of the words Beach Boys singer-songwriter Brian Wilson said to those in attendance at the 1988 Roll n Roll Hall of Fame inductions “All of us have the privilege of making music that helps and heals”.

Alexa and Brian Wilson are right music does heal and people create and sing music not just for money to get by but for the benefit of humanity, YMA hopes more people like Alexa learn from others to do good in this world, learn about illnesses some performers have or causes they support and pass the word about it along, you can make a difference with one statement, don’t wait for a bandwagon to come along but instead make your own wagon to travel along in, it will be a ride that few experiences in this world could replicate.

To finish, there is one more Brian Wilson quote to consider ‘Love and Mercy to All’.