Valentine’s Day is a day of expressing love, affection and care for the one you love but to YMA that can be extended to expressing care and support to those who are your family and friends by doing something for them no matter how big or small that something is.

YMA would be very appreciative if readers can join us in giving some Valentine’s Day joy to the following people for your simple act of caring would be worth so much to them and to us.

Give Finnin’s live cover of a ‘I Will Always Love You‘ a view.
Send Kaitlyn Thomas’s cover of ‘How Great Thou Art‘ over the 1,000 view milestone.
Help send Alexa’s ‘Twitter (Spaces in between my Heart)‘ to the 8,000 view milestone.
Check out Alayna’s EP KickStarter campaign and share or donate to it.
Help put Korie Anne’s ‘By His Side‘ over 900 views and rocket it towards the 1,000 view milestone.
Send Brittany Leo’s cover of ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved‘ over 250 views.
Help bring Sean Emmett’s ‘Tattoo‘ closer to the 1,000 view milestone.
Send Aria Taylor’s ‘Summer’s Coming‘ closer to the 6,500 view milestone.
Check out Tara Favell’s mashup of The Vamps and Dan + Shay ‘Somebody to You/What You Do To Me‘.
Give Ivana’s cover of ‘And I Love You So‘ a go, it may be useful for V-Day.
Give Brooke Falls’s inspirational video ‘A New Year’ a view.
Visit, Share and/or donate to Kira Taylors campaign to get an Afflo Vest for her Cystic Fibrosis.
Send Tessa’s original ‘The Real World‘ past 100 views and on towards 250 views.
Take a look at Claudia Tripp’s cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style
Send Sammie Libman’s cover of ‘Big White Room‘ over the 2,000 view milestone.
Check out Tyler Wilford’s live cover of ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door‘ and keep it’s momentum going.
Ellie Occleston hasn’t slipped below 4,000 views in four months, see why with ‘Crazy‘.

There are many other friends that you can give their videos a view, their pages a visit or a like and make their Valentine’s Day special, together we can make this a very special day and perhaps change how Valentine’s Day is seen as by people.

YMA wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and remember even if you don’t have a partner you are loved by many and that’s what matters.