With two days remaining until Alexa’s ‘Authentic Love..inspired by the Grammy’s Performance Art‘ (formerly ‘Cherry Cake’) show on StageIt is conducted, there are still seven tickets that are denying Alexa a twelfth consecutive sold out show.

Alexa’s fans are well known for giving tickets to those who are hoping to get a ticket to the show and although some people no doubt would think that everyone should be able to afford a sixty note ($6) ticket to the show, the means of getting one is an entirely different matter with some not having PayPal or a Credit Card to make things happen and therefore have to wait on generosity to get in.

Alexa’s fans have donated to Alexa pre-show a total of 2004 tickets (10 notes = $1 USD) and this number is almost certain to climb when it comes to show time, it must be noted that the gifted notes to Alexa are never demanded by Alexa but instead are donated by fan’s desire to do so with all proceeds going towards her pursuit of higher quality shows.

For those who want to be at the show by either ticket purchase or by asking to hitch a ride can do so by clicking here, for those unable to get to the show but don’t want to miss out on the live show experience can visit her YouNow page where a free show is conducted every Friday night (Florida time), past shows are also available to view on the page as well.

Fans also have one very important way to help Alexa and that is buy giving her videos a play once a day or more, YMA has chosen her cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’ as one song that fans can watch as the song makes it’s way towards the 500 view milestone.

YMA will report on the results of the StageIt show as it happens.