Alexa today conducted her weekly show on YouNow.

Alexa sang a variety of songs as well as taking requests and thanking people for nominating her for awards in the Shorty Awards in which Alexa’s total currently stands at six nominations in two categories.

It was announced that #TeamLex Coffee Mugs (see example below) are now available to purchase by emailing Alexa to receive an order form.

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Fans were treated to some great singing and some great moves during the set particularly in ‘Uptown Funk’, fans also got great insight into how Alexa finds the right singing key before she launches into a song.

Alexa makes music fun and for those who cannot make it to YouNow to see Alexa sing live can replay all the action in it’s entirety just by going to Alexa’s YouNow Channel.

Alexa will be back on StageIt next Wednesday on StageIt with the upcoming show titled ‘Cherry Cake

Set list for YouNow Show (February 7)

Saving All My Love For You
Love Me Harder
Fantasy (a shortened version)
Uptown Funk
…Baby One More Time