Many of the performers that readers read about at YMA are in the running to be selected in the final nominations for The Shorty Awards which honours Twitter users.

There are many categories in The Shorty Awards and people can even make their own categories if they find one that doesn’t suit the ones they want to honour.

Below is a list of links of those who we report on that have been nominated by their peers and/or their fans

Tyler Wilford
Cassidy-Rae Wilson
Brooke Falls
Kira Taylor
Georgia-May Davis
Ellie Occlestone
Aria Taylor
Alexa Heller
Korie Anne
We 3 and She

You can even put in a vote for Youth Music Alive but we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to do so and YMA will not be campaigning for such an honour for we feel the attention should be on those we report on but we cannot stop or wish to stop people’s feelings of gratitude if they do nominate us for anything, we are always humbled by such acts.

Those who wish to vote have to register on by going to the website and following instructions before readers can nominate away, there is no limit on who you can nominate so you can nominate Person X across ten categories if you wish to do so.

YMA will keep readers informed on The Shorty Awards when news comes to hand.