Alexa today conducted a show on YouNow live from her NYC Apartment which YMA believes is a very nice apartment.

The set contained five songs ‘Empire’, ‘Up In The Air’, ‘Waves’ and ‘Love Me Harder’ plus an improvised song about Peanut Butter and Jelly which YMA will call ‘The PB & J Song’, all five songs were performed to Alexa’s high standards which are a crowd delight.

Alexa made some announcements on her show, she will be performing live in New York on February 27 (see link for details), she will be recording a radio interview and Stars of Tomorrow will be playing her music, the latter two once again provided by Paul’s efforts.

Alexa discovered that Michelle comes from Australia, YMA supposes that the two Australian members out of the three YMA members are Alexa’s #1 and #2 Australian fans.

The fans and Alexa also discussed Valentines Day, Chocolate and of course Peanut Butter, the below picture is displayed in honour of Alexa’s taste for Organic Peanut Butter.

Tomorrow night Alexa will be on StageIt for her regular Wednesday night (Florida time) show that YMA believes should not be missed.

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