Congratulations to YMA’s Jasemine Marie who Free2Luv announced as their ‘Fan of the Month’, Free2Luv stated that Jasemine was chosen for ‘Her important work in raising awareness of the effects of bullying because she had her own personal experiences while in school.’.

Free2Luv is a award winning and non profit organization which is dedicated to spreading equality, kindness & standing up to bullying through Arts & Entertainment.

Celeste Kellogg inspired me to do something with Free2Luv and my friend Kira Taylor got me into the youth advocacy, so Celeste and Kira both inspired me to do this” said Jasemine who had rallied 33 popular artists to take their own photo holding a ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully’ poster whether it was drawn or printed.

Free2Luv has 19,650 likes on Facebook and you can contact them there if you wish to get involved to help in stamping out bullying.