Cassidy-Rae Wilson today appeared on Hawkesbury Radio 899 to talk with Jemma Jem  about Chloe’s Voice Australia (aka Chloe’s Law) and play Cassidy’s anti-bullying composition ‘Be Strong’.

For those who do not know the story of Chloe she was a teenager who was bullied repeatedly to the point she was attacked by several teenagers after school and that attack was filmed, Chloe was then threatened online with the release of the attack video which led Chloe to commit suicide, Chloe’s Voice was formed to raise awareness about Bullying and to fight back against it and Cassidy is an Ambassador for Chloe’s Voice/Chloe’s Law.

‘Be Strong’ is a song that has been played on radio stations around the world and has been taken to heart by many people, it has been seen over 7,700 times with that number expected to grow as the message continues to circulate the globe, it is wonderful to see that after years of devastating losses to Bullying people like Cassidy are telling the world that is no longer acceptable for people to bully others and that people have the right to live and learn in peace and not with disruption.