I’m really tired at the moment, I’ve been spending most of my days and nights recently going through all the social media to bring the news but this is not a complaint, I love what I do and more importantly I love what I read about everyday and it is not hard to not be inspired by some of those who have gone through so much to give so much back to the people of this world.

Some of the performers we write about have overcome great obstacles in life to do what they do everyday, I know that Ivana has battled through health issues that causes her energy levels to rise and fall with no consistent pattern, I know Alexa as a teen needed Brain surgery and Kira has Cystic Fibrosis but all three ladies have not let what happened to them stop them, they don’t ask for sympathy and an armchair ride through life but instead they spend their time, their precious more important than gold and silver time making them and us feel better about ourselves.

Alexa writes songs and goes on StageIt and YouNow always being humble and expressing her love for her fans and even names as many as she can during each show, I watched a soundcheck of Alexa’s once and she was taking to Ward who was doing her sound and she asked about his life and she was really interested in Ward’s answers and even though I was busily readying to go to class that day I could see and hear how sincere the questions and comments from Alexa were and that shown me that beyond her great live and recorded singing, beyond her widely acclaimed looks and trust me there is a lot of acclaim out there, there is something even better and that is inside her heart and mind.

When Alexa is not doing those shows she tweets, retweets and comments on peoples tweets, the amount of tweets per day must be in the dozens but they all have a purpose, some are about her music, some are about her StageIt shows but most are inspirational quotes and greeting various followers asking how their day was and having a twitter conversation with them, people should be taking notes on this in order to improve their fanbase. Ivana works on her music almost 24/7 to pay back those who fund her efforts on Patreon, she also does video chats and personally comments on the hundreds of comments made by people on YouTube even if her energy levels are not at their best, Ivana is a force to be reckoned with for she just wants to keep doing better and better from earning enough to make people better music videos to wanting to communicate with more people and the worrier in me urges her to slow down but part of me understands the drive to keep on going, she’s a great friend to have. Kira works on her music, works to raise awareness for the CF Foundation and Free2Luv and much more while battling CF which is a condition that never rests in it’s efforts to defeat those it inhabits, I wish I had just a tenth of Kira’s ability to take on challenges back when I was at her current age but I didn’t and I envy her for what she’s got in her, you can see how hard she works for the people in her posts, her tweets and Instagram posts.

Watching their videos and buying their music seems the least we can do for such fine people but as you all know helping get an Afflo Vest for Kira is YMA’s primary goal, every time an ad is clicked or misclicked on youthmusicalive.com we get a couple of cents in an account and every time we hit $5 we will donate to Kira’s Indiegogo campaign, so far we have about $2.48 and should be making our first five dollars soon, it will be our first $5 ever but we don’t do this to be seen as heroic or be praised by the masses but because it is a cause or belief that makes sense to us, why wouldn’t we want to give our money to somebody who can get a vest that makes CF be less of a pest for a couple of hours at a time?.

Sometimes when articles hardly get a read and I wonder why I should keep going because nobody is really reading about who I write about (that’s the point of it all) I get told it is to build a future for me and for them but I also know that if people like Alexa, Ivana and Kira can work through all that they have fought through then I should be able to get through any slump, there is seven or more billion people on this planet and so there is always a new crowd of readers to be found, so when doubt creeps in remember to keep on running, walking, crawling or slithering along the ground, if you go down then go down trying. We can all change the world for good and for each other, I hope this blog entry inspires somebody out there.

Now I got to go check the YouTube figures and posts, there’s bound to be a new story among it all to tell you all about.

Ryan Stevenson Chief Writer for YMA