Joseph Grieve is in the running for the ‘Young Performer of the Year’ award at the 7th Annual Limelight Magazine Readers Poll.

Joseph’s fans have the opportunity to vote in this award thanks to the voting being conducted on an online poll, each person can vote four times per IP address.

Readers can answer as many questions as they like so it is not against the rules to vote for Joseph (Joey) in Question One and leaving the rest blank.

However, Joseph’s friend Tammy Laforest’s band ‘The Dust Ruffles’ are also in the running for an award with Joey hoping his supporters will send some votes their way on Question 5.

Voting closes on February 6, To vote in the Limelight Magazine Readers Poll readers can click here to be taken to the voting page.

YMA will keep readers update on the results when they come to hand.

(Picture of Joseph is with a different kind of Award)