Almost one year ago (January 31 2014), Alexa released a music video cover of Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’.

‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ appears to have been a complicated production as multiple camera shots were used, for example one lyric line might show Alexa up close and the next shot will be from a distance making this a very professional and interesting to watch music video.

The quality of both the audio and visual are superb with both presented in very high quality giving the fans and the generally curious the best possible audio and visual experience.

The ending of the video has a message from Alexa as well as providing all the links a fan or the generally curious might need to follow up on Alexa’s adventures which since January 31 2014 has really taken off with StageIt shows, YouNow shows, song releases and much more becoming standards for Alexa.